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The MST Project is committed to helping every man realize his full potential.

Have you ever felt that life is a little overwhelming and you just want a break? You feel like work never stops, your marriage feels routine and lacks excitement, and you want an escape, if only for a brief moment? But it's in those moments that one may make a decision that leads to regret and much more. That's where The MST Project can help. Since 2007, we have helped men worldwide walk away from unhealthy habits and hurtful choices. We are here to help through our On The Street initiative talking to men who frequent red-light districts, to our Pathway to Purity initiative mentoring men into a lifestyle of purity. But what if your need for help doesn't involve sexual temptation or purity struggles? That's where our Real Men Pursuing Purity initiative can offer you community support through quarterly events and weekly connect groups geared towards encouraging you into a deeper pursuit of spiritual wholeness and Christlike maturity. The MST Project is committed to offering hope and helping every man realize his full potential.

About The MST Project

On The Street

Through our conversations with men who visit red-light districts, The MST Project brings hope to the streets of Bangkok with our On The Street initiative since 2007.

About On The Street

Pathway to Purity

Men in the church are not immune to struggles related to pornography and sexual purity, and The MST Project started this initiative in 2010 to offer support to men everywhere.  A Pathway to Purity is a resource we created to help you transform your way of thinking about purity and wholeness.

About Pathway to Purity

Real Men Pursuing Purity

Started by The MST Project in 2014, the Real Men Pursuing Purity initiative supports men around the world through our mentorship groups, events, and online community.

About Real Men Pursuing Purity

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Here we share examples from our own journey towards greater purity and spiritual wholeness so that your own path is just a little bit easier.


Throughout human history, there has been a constant war between truth and deceit, and as human beings created in the image of God, we find ourselves right smack in the middle of this ongoing battle. Whether we look to the beginning of time and the infamous words of the serpent, “Did God really say…?”, to the various Scriptures highlighting how …


Lust: just one small word can convey intense images, emotions, and memories. Many times, these can be sinful. And because they may be sinful, we have been taught to see lust as a primarily negative thing. But before we see whether or not there is such a thing as “good” lust, let’s see what the Bible says about negative sinful …


For a long time in my life, self-control has felt like nothing more than others trying to control me and drain my life of all kinds of fun, enjoyment, and amazing life-long memories. However, I soon found out that my lack of self-control led to a lot of hurt, unfortunate regret, and memories I wish I could simply erase from …


Our resources are created from a foundation of spiritual truth and practical experience, to help you as you pursue Biblical purity and wholeness in your daily life.