RMPP events and connect groups are a safe place for men to pursue sexual purity, spiritual wholeness, and Christlike maturity within an environment of peer support and encouragement. RMPP is a place where you can share your prayer requests, victories, and struggles and be heard, prayed for, and challenged to grow in all areas of life. RMPP events and connect groups are designed to be a support system for you for as long as you want.

RMPP Event 17: A Better Way

Miscommunication can happen in friendships, work relationships and in marriage. And when miscommunication happens or unspoken expectations are unmet, we can find ourselves arguing with one another, and eventually see important relationships frayed or even irrevocably damaged. If we can learn to start asking better questions we can begin to enjoy healthy communication in our friendships, relationships, and marriages.

RMPP Event 16: Are You Listening?

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to hear something because hearing is the natural response to noise. But what is the difference between hearing and listening? Listening is the active choice to involve your heart into what someone is sharing. How much more effective would our relationships be if we learned to listen better? How much more would our families feel loved and cared for if they knew they could always count on us to listen to them? Choosing to listen may take more work but it is a choice that you will likely never regret.

RMPP Event 15: Priceless

There are very few things in this world that are priceless. You may spend your entire life working to accumulate items of value, but there is already something within you that is priceless. It’s your integrity and it’s worth far more than the treasures of this world, but all too often many men compromise theirs. Do you value your integrity as priceless?

RMPP Event 14: Just One More Thing

It seems that there is never enough time in the day to complete that work deadline, that last minute project, or that never ending trail of emails. We get up early, we stay up late and we drive ourselves to exhaustion to finish just one more thing. How can we learn to blend the responsibilities of work and family so that our spouse and our children aren’t relegated to the sidelines of life?

RMPP Event 13: The Stairway

Frustration and anger is something all of us deal with and sometimes it can lead us to saying or doing things that we regret and that we can’t take back. While we can’t control every frustrating circumstance we encounter, we can learn how to process frustration and anger in a way that allows us to avoid the stairway of regret.

RMPP Event 12: Tell Me More

What are feelings and how do we define them? We may say, ‘I feel this isn’t true’. When we say something like that we aren’t expressing a feeling, but rather we are making a judgment. How important a part should feelings play in our daily life? How can we make the distinction between feelings, thoughts and judgments?

RMPP Event 11: A New Day

Have you ever found it hard to accept yourself or struggled with receiving grace and forgiveness? How can we better understand ourselves and those around us? Come learn how you can be the kind of man that extends forgiveness, grace and empathy to those around you, including yourself.

RMPP Event 10: Who Pays The Price?

We have all been hurt at some point in time and when we go through the pain of being betrayed, lied to, cheated on, etc. it can be easy to hold onto unforgiveness and bitterness towards those who have hurt us. We may have harbored unforgiveness and bitterness in the hopes that the offender will receive their just reward, but how can we live out greater Christ-likeness in the face of unbearable hurt, pain and disappointment?

RMPP Event 9: Be Like Barnabas

Many times in our life, we will meet people who are facing hopeless situations or who simply feel like giving up. When we live a life like Barnabas who was always encouraging and uplifting others, we can come alongside those who are weary and offer encouragement that will give hope and strength. Do you want to be known as a Barnabas?

RMPP Event 8: Just Kidding!

You may enjoy using sarcasm as a way to communicate, joke around or simply say ”that’s just the way I am!” But more often than not sarcasm hurts the one we direct our words towards, and tends to demean more than build up. As believers we are to use our words to encourage and edify one another with gentleness and love. When you speak with someone what impact are you leaving behind?

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