A Million Little Pieces

I believe that every time that we get hurt or every time we go through a painful experience that a little piece of us breaks. Some breaks are noticeable but all too often many of the cracks and breaks that mold us are subtle, so subtle in fact that we may not even know that we were fragile to begin with. We can only take so much before we begin to crack, to break and eventually shatter. We were not designed to be endless punching bags. We were not meant to live life being held together by a Band-Aid here and duct tape there. Over the course of days, weeks, months and years the hurts, the pains, the forgettable memories, the words that cut deep – these moments all contribute to more and more pieces of us cracking, breaking, shattering and eventually leaving us in a million little pieces.

I have met many men whose lives are in a million little pieces. Some know it some won’t admit it. But I see it. I see it in some of their faces, I hear it in some of their voices and I remember it when I look in the mirror. I remember a life troubled, a father gone, a mind overwhelmed, and a heart longing endlessly for something, anything. I was once in a million little pieces too. Yet, everyday is another day where God reaches down and scoops up a broken piece of me here and a cracked piece of me over there. He places all of my broken pieces in His hand and it is there that His gentle touch and His tender love put each of my broken pieces back together. It is only in Him that my million little pieces can be made whole once again.

End of article.


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