RMPP events and connect groups are a safe place for men to pursue sexual purity, spiritual wholeness, and Christlike maturity within an environment of peer support and encouragement. RMPP is a place where you can share your prayer requests, victories, and struggles and be heard, prayed for, and challenged to grow in all areas of life. RMPP events and connect groups are designed to be a support system for you for as long as you want.

Event 38: Jesus On…Servanthood

    RMPP Event 37: Jesus On…Discipleship

    Many people have a lot to say about discipleship, and with so many opinions out there to listen to, who has the “right” answer? While many may have good perspectives, Jesus has the correct answer. So what does He say about being His disciple and, in turn, discipling others?

    RMPP Event 36: Jesus On…Identity

    Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from? All questions relating to identity. You may be confused about how to answer these questions, but Jesus provides clarity. So then, what does He say?

    RMPP Event 31: Reconciliation…Even Though It’s Hard

    Reconciliation is often understood within the context of race relations, but there is a much needed place for it in all of our other relationships. And while reconciliation may be challenging, and running away from it could be more comfortable, what would your marriage, friendships, and relationships experience if you choose to pursue reconciliation?

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