On The Street

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We talk with men who visit red-light districts and offer hope and help for those who desire a better way.

In 2007, I felt that God gave me a heart and vision to extend His grace and love to the men who visit red-light districts. On the night of November 1st, my friend and I went out to several red-light districts in Bangkok to see if such a ministry was possible. The first red-light district we went to was bustling with normal activity. Several men we talked to were regular average men, and although we had interesting conversations, it didn’t necessarily make us think that meeting them was a confirmation this was the beginning of something divinely inspired. The second red-light district we visited was much like the first, and even included polite conversations with a couple men we met. So far, our venture proved inconclusive and I began thinking that this “ministry” idea was nothing more than a random nighttime thought.

Before calling it a night, we headed over to our third red-light district of the evening. As we entered the area, my friend noticed a man who was sitting on a step outside a bar with two bottles of beer by his side. We walked over to him, introduced ourselves and began a conversation. This particular man began to open up to us - two total strangers - and started to share some very personal moments from his life.

- Christian Lenty, Founder and Director of The MST Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your goal in talking to men?

We do not make assumptions about why a man may be visiting a red-light district, but we desire to offer hope and help to any man who finds themselves in regretful situations because of certain choices. We can all find ourselves in difficult situations that are hard to navigate on our own, but not everyone has someone available to help them during those times. Our goal is to be available to men when they need help.

Q: How do you engage in conversations?

We start every conversation by introducing ourselves and explaining the heart and purpose behind The MST Project and our desire to offer hope and help to men. If a man expresses interest in further conversation, we take the time to listen, thoughtfully ask questions, and offer support in various ways.

Q: How is your message received?

When we engage in conversations with men, we talk with men, not down to them. We treat each conversation as if we had one with a close friend. We believe that you can still be kind and respectful even when you engage in difficult topics, have disagreements, or hold opposite viewpoints. We have seen many men over the years respond positively to such an approach.

Q: Why do you care about men? Why not help the women instead?

We believe that all people, wherever they may be, are on the heart of God, and this includes even men who visit red-light districts. While many good organizations are doing their best to help women worldwide, our specific call and purpose as The MST Project are focused on men. As men having overcome our own issues and struggles, we are best equipped to offer support to other men who can identify with our life journeys.

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