Ask of Me

A few days ago I was led to read 1 Chronicles 14, verses 10 and 14. In both of the verses we read about David inquiring of God as to whether to go to battle and both times God tells him to pursue the Philistine army.

As I reflected on these verses I was pretty impressed that David, the king of Israel, had been informed of an attack/raid from the Philistine army and upon hearing the news he takes time to stop and inquire of God as to whether he should go to battle, and if he does go, will he be victorious. The more I thought on this the more I think that David would have had every right to immediately prepare to go to war in the face of this threat. Yet, what does he do? He stops and inquires of God. Whether the “inquiry” took 5 minutes or 5 hours I don’t know. The time is not what is important rather I believe that his simple act is what we should be reflecting upon. Contrary to what any of us would have done in that serious situation, David shows us what the right action is and that was to take the time to stop and inquire of God as to what his next steps should be.

Would I have done what David did in that situation, I think so. While David set an excellent example of what to do when faced with a situation that appears overwhelming, I also hope that as my relationship with Him continues to grow to an even greater depth of intimacy that I would naturally want to involve Him in all decisions, both big and small. Not because I remember to do so or even have to, but simply because I want to hear, know and see what He desires for me, His child.

End of article.


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