Being Available

We walked down to our usual spot where we stand to talk to men in the red-light district. After several men declined to talk to us, we met an excited middle-aged man who jumped out of a taxi behind us. He proceeded to tell us about all his crazy adventures and history. I’ve never really met someone like him in real life, someone who had lived a wild and crazy life and did lots of crazy things, and whom God had obviously protected during all of it. He even agreed someone was watching out for him, but he wasn’t sure about a lot more than that.

During our time together we shared a few testimonies and really spoke a lot of encouragement to him. He responded well to what we had to share and even shared with us a story of a time when he went to church and had a radical encounter with God. It was at this time that the Holy Spirit met him in a real and tangible way. But then he went on with his life and daily routines and never really looked back or sought out more than that experience. I am always praying and hoping to see and experience miracles and amazing encounters. But people need more, and God wants more. I was reminded how God has been at work in these men’s lives well before we get a chance to meet them, and in His faithfulness and goodness, He will continue to pursue them and work in their lives, well after our conversations.

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