Blending Together

I have learned these past few years that my spiritual health is of utmost importance and such a vital component to my pursuit of greater purity and consistent victory. For far too long I fought the idea that I just needed to find more time or to be better at balancing the time commitments I already have. Perhaps we need to look at how we can find a better blend as opposed to a better balance.

The difference between balance and blend was something I heard a speaker talk about a while ago and it made so much sense to me. I began to understand that instead of fighting against what was already on my plate in terms of commitments and to-do lists, I began to see how, while in the midst of those commitments and to-do lists, I could also spend time in prayer, worship and spiritual growth. Here are a few examples of how I try to blend spiritual growth into my daily routine.

Prayer On a Motorbike
I drive my motorbike a lot and there really isn’t much to do as I travel from point A to point B. I see my travel times as a perfect opportunity to pray. There are many things that I can pray for such as my family, relatives, ministry issues, burdens and requests, etc. My travel time can be a powerful time of connecting with God through prayer, and that is always time well spent.

Worship While Walking
I am continually reminded that what I listen to (as well as read, watch, etc.) impacts me on a much deeper level than what I previously thought. I’ve decided to spend snippets of time I have throughout the day enjoying worship that is uplifting and encouraging. I also find great peace in worshipping God by thanking Him for all that He has given me. A thankful heart is a form of worship and whether I am walking to a meeting or waiting in a line, praise and worship is always possible.

God’s Word Through Media
Another area that I try to blend with my desire for spiritual growth in the midst of my daily schedule is the study of God’s Word. While I can’t very easily just pull out my Bible and study notes in a taxi, I can pull out my Smartphone, click on YouTube or download a podcast, and listen to a powerful sermon that challenges and edifies me towards greater growth.

I pray that some of the ways I try to blend spiritual growth into my daily routine encourages you to consider the same. Each day is full of opportunities for spiritual growth and may we seize those opportunities when they come, and wherever they come.

End of article.


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