Good Lust?

I sometimes hear men say that living a lifestyle of purity would be so much easier if lust would simply vanish from their hearts and minds. However, I believe that when we say that, we miss out on seeing lust as something that could be positive and healthy, not something so negative that we balk at sharing about it with others.

We all know that lust as defined by the world is simply sex with anyone willing to jump into bed with us, or endlessly clicking through image after image on the computer. But when we look up the word lust, there are actually multiple definitions:

– a very strong sexual desire
– a sensual appetite regarded as sinful
– a passionate desire for something
– an intense longing
– a pleasure, a delight

I think many of us can relate to the first two definitions of lust but it is the other definitions that I would like to highlight. You see, if we view lust as more than just unbridled sexual desire then I think we can begin to view lust in a positive light. You may think to yourself “How can lust ever be viewed as something positive”? Well, if one definition of lust is the passionate desire for something, or something we take delight and pleasure in (as defined above) then what you pursue is a determining factor as to whether that lust is directed towards something negative or positive. So while many men would say that they lust after fantasy, sexual images, and other visual addictions, I would suggest that as men pursuing purity and wholeness we too could lust. However, we choose to lust after that which is holy, which is righteous and which is pure. We can be men who passionately lust after the things that will draw us into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.

While the world says that lust is something that controls us, we can choose to view lust as something that spurs us on to greater growth in our walk with Him. So, let us choose to lust after righteousness, purity and holiness and we will see our lives transformed, our actions reformed, and our hearts renewed.

End of article.


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