His Invitation

I used to put so much pressure on myself when sharing about Him with others. Many thoughts would come to mind like, ‘What will I say?’ or ‘How will I sound?’ or ‘Will the person I’m talking to think I’m weird?’ You get the point, right? At some point I realized that I didn’t really think like that or deal with that specific pressure anymore. As I thought about it, I remembered a time when I was talking to Him about this pressure I would put on myself and I felt like He impressed upon me something that has affected me to this very day.

You see, my mindset changed when I began to see a different perspective. When talking with someone, it’s as if God is leaning forward on His throne, and then taps me on the shoulder and says “Hey Chris, I’m doing a work in this particular individual’s heart and my Spirit is drawing him to Myself. I want you to come alongside of me and be a part of his journey”. That was my turning point. The God of the universe is inviting me, someone who is sometimes shy and feels inadequate, to reach out to someone as they are being drawn by the One who knows their heart intimately.

My reason for sharing this moment in my own spiritual journey is because oftentimes, it is easy to do ministry on the streets and think that success is determined by what we did or did not see happen. But how can we make such snap judgments of God’s work in someone’s heart? Was it not a process for each of us to make the decision of opening our hearts to Him? Sometimes we act as if it all depends on us and we discredit, and perhaps minimize, the work of the Holy Spirit. I thank Him that the many people that walked alongside of me did not give up on me because of what they perceived did or did not happen in my life at any given time. They showed commitment, perseverance and an unwavering faith in the sovereignty of Him who is ever faithful. Let’s continue to trust in Him who is trustworthy and be ready to accept the invitation the next time He taps us on the shoulder.

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