I Quit

It’s too tough. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t have time for this. Life is just too hard. I quit!

I have heard these comments before on many occasions when out on the street and I always find myself perplexed upon hearing it. Why is quitting such an easy option?

I have heard that marriage is difficult, that marriage is stressful, and that marriage would be easier if the spouse was someone different. Really? Would it be better? Is a change of ‘scenery’ really the answer or is it a change of the heart? Is marriage such a drive thru commodity that it is easier to quit rather than work through issues? Where is the compromise? Where is the need for understanding one another? Why are many marriages no longer about intimacy and respect but about who is right or who is wrong? Night upon night of needless and endless arguing coupled with an inability to forgive begins to lay the groundwork for an easy exit – an exit that sometimes leads to a street full of women and men hawking false promises of that which was once had.

But wanting to quit isn’t always tied to marriage. I have met other men who want to quit their job, their responsibilities or even quit those that are part of their life. In essence, unplugging from society. Does that make everything better? Do all of our problems magically disappear if we remove ourselves from those around us or from those that have offended us?

Life is hard on many levels. Marriage takes a lot of work and it isn’t always a walk in the park. We aren’t always dealt life’s version of a royal flush. But is that a reason to quit, to run way, and to throw in the towel? I choose to go on even though there are days that are tough. I won’t give up nor will I run away. I know that my life is not my own but rather a testimony of who He is. He gives me the strength to go on because He walks with me. I persevere because I know I just can’t quit.

End of article.


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