Reconciliation vs. Narcissism

If you are a follower of Christ then you know that He is part of the trinity: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We ourselves are made of tripartite elements of body, soul and spirit. We see this model in other areas of life, like the family unit for example, which consists of husband, wife and children. I don’t think it a coincidence that the strongest geometrical shape is the triangle. However, we live in an age where the cultural milieu promotes a very different trinity – I, myself and me. The ‘selfie’ phenomenon that seems to have everyone in its grip appears harmless enough. However, in reality, it lures us to the easy slide into an egotistical, self-focused and vain outlook. How often do we stand aside instead of thinking or saying, “Get out of my way”. Road rage is the norm. Patience becomes redundant as immediate gratification is made possible by an endless line of credit available to indulge the “I want it now” attitude that is so prevalent today.

Friendships are strengthened, marriages are deepened and enriched and children see humility modeled when we are quick to say sorry. When we withhold an apology, we create a space within us where unity is usurped by division, gentleness by anger, joy and peace by agitation and humility by pride. We adopt a self-righteous position where we need no one and nothing. When we choose not to be reconciled to whoever it is about whatever it is, we are in effect deceiving ourselves that we don’t need God. As Christians we are called to forgive and be reconciled. We should be set apart from the prevailing culture and take the initiative to resolve conflict. Why? First, Jesus tells us to do it. Second, your worship is worthless if you’re in the middle of conflict. Third, God won’t hear your prayers until you are reconciled with others and Him. Just read 1 Peter 3:7 if you’re in any doubt.

I came across a statement that said that offense cannot be given, only taken. Whilst challenged, it didn’t take long for me to agree and to recognize that as a Christian, self-control is the “fruit” that should be hanging from my branches. God created us and knows that peace and unity are unattainable when there is conflict between any of us. If you are at odds with a brother or sister then make it right. If you are at odds with an unbeliever then shine the light from the culture that is everlasting and serve them by extending or asking for forgiveness. Sorry is a powerful word.

End of article.


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