Resentment and Envy

I would like to encourage you with a verse that I have highlighted in my Bible. It is Job 5:2 and it says:

“Resentment kills a fool, and envy slays the simple.”

There are times in my life where I have held on to resentment or envy. I have felt resentment before not only towards others but also towards God. I have held resentment towards God when I did not receive something I felt I should have. In essence, I felt He unfairly withheld something from me. I have held resentment towards others because of perceived slights or hurts. I have been envious of others’ success, popularity, and even the seeming depths of their intimacy with God.

Both resentment and envy have reared their ugly heads in my life, and maybe they also have in yours. Actually, it’s something that will come up from time to time. May we see how resentment and envy deadens our joy, our peace and our capacity to love both God and others. May we often reflect on Job 5:2 and invite the Holy Spirit to show us the moments when we begin to allow resentment and envy to enter into our hearts. And when the Holy Spirit does point out those times, let’s ask Him to remove the roots of resentment and envy and plant Christ-like thoughts and perspectives in our hearts and minds.

End of article.


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