‘Super’ Christian

Sometimes I think that some of the men we meet expect us to be some sort of ‘super’ Christian who models perfection. Or perhaps they may think that we go through life free of the high’s and low’s that come with living in a fallen world. But, my life isn’t necessarily like that. In fact, last week was a week that I would rather forget. I was frustrated with work issues, I was feeling more tired than usual and I went through several days where my mind was filled with doubts.

Did I feel like a ‘super’ Christian? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Did I feel ready to go out and stand on a street corner? No, I felt weak and unprepared and less than ready to face whatever a night out on the street had in store for us. But perhaps in that moment I was more ready to go out than I think. Because it is in that state of weakness that He is more real than ever. No longer am I going out on the street in my own ability and with my own experience on how to hold a conversation. Rather, it is a night where He holds me, He sustains me, and He leads me to a place where maybe, just maybe, I may run into someone else who is going through what I am experiencing. Maybe it is at that specific moment that I can listen to what a man is sharing, that I can relate to his situation and that I can give more than just a standard answer as my response. Maybe it is at this moment in time where I can share from my own life that it is His strength that carries me when I am feeling weak. It is His gentle hand that guides me when I feel lost and it is His voice and His love that overcomes the doubts that I may feel from time to time.

I hope that when I am out on the street talking to men that I never come across as someone who is immune to the high’s and low’s of life. Rather, may I point men in the direction of Jesus whose love is always present, forever constant and never changing.

End of article.


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