Take A Stand

Sometime ago, I was on Facebook responding to messages. There was a brief opportunity to click on profile suggestions of girls I did not know, but who had enticing profile pictures. I had to make a choice: click on the “innocent” photos or reject the opportunity to explore temptation. I chose to take a stand for purity because relationship with God, and the trust of others, is more important than exploring areas of curiosity. Like King David in Psalm 101:2-4, I will set before my eyes nothing that is evil. Thank God that His love and Word are TRUTH. Curiosity is a gamble and I don’t want to find out whether I would “win” that gamble or not. Besides, I already know. Past history reminds me that sin always over-promises and under-delivers.

I desire to make choices based on love for God and obedience to God, not on feelings of curiosity which can often be misleading. So today I pray that we remember that the pursuit of purity isn’t always easy and we face a determined enemy. However, it’s even more important for us to remember that the enemy has already been defeated and the pursuit of holiness is always worth it.

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