Thank You, Harvard!

In the beginning God created everything and it was good. Everything, except the fact that man was alone. About that God said, “It is not good….” (Gen 2:18). And, the results of a 75-year Harvard study have now proven that God is right (as if there was ever any doubt!). These results show that the secret to a long, happy and healthy life lies in relationship – not the number of but the quality of the relationships. What makes for a good relationship? Knowing the person. Being able to trust and depend on them. This kind of relationship where two people really know each other and trust and depend on one another takes time to build. Children need to be able to trust their parents, husbands their wives and vice versa.

Relationships are under heavier attack today more than ever before. We can trust very few of the messages that bombard us. Manifestos and propagandas fail to materialize. Products don’t make us look younger or slimmer. We are engulfed by empty promises from politicians, advertisements and sites like Ashley Madison. Parents sell children into slavery. Statistics on divorce rates and fatherless children are at an all-time high. Dinnertime is being replaced by screen time. The art of conversation is dying. A survey of cell phone users claims that 84 percent of those interviewed said they could not go a single day without their device.

When God made us in their image He knew what He was doing. Our core, most basic need is for relationship with other human beings. And until we are willing to stop being so self-absorbed and start putting those we love first, we are missing out on one of the primary purposes of life. Instead of empty promises, we have an empty cross and an empty tomb that fulfill the promise of an abundant and eternal life. Invest in your relationships and take hold of the long and prosperous life that God has planned for you.

End of article.


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