The 3 D’s

Who or what do you follow?

You might answer The Yankees, Manchester United, Miami Dolphins, Roger Federer or The Lakers. Perhaps it is your heart or feelings? Or a celebrity on Facebook or someone’s Twitter or blog? Or maybe a TV series or fashion developments. Or it could be a writer, journalist or author or perhaps a YouTube celebrity or self-help guru? Everyone is following someone or something and the world provides an opulent smorgasbord of options. The road is wide and the way is easy when it comes to what the world has to offer and we know where it leads to – destruction. In an attempt to bring about our destruction the enemy uses three D’s – distraction, deception and disappointment.

If you follow anything that the world is offering, you are likely to be distracted, deceived or disappointed – if not all three! If you follow sport on TV for example, it can be a distraction. If you follow fashion or advertising that appeals to your vanity, you will almost always be deceived. More often than not, the distraction and the deception lead to disappointment. Your team loses. The new clothes, phone, shoes or car doesn’t make you look younger, more masculine or the slightest bit athletic. The disappointment stemming from buyer’s remorse sets in.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Just as men are called to lead, we are also called to be led. We are to lead our families, our wives and our children. We are to lead others as we disciple them. But we need to be discipled too. We need to find others whom we respect and ask them to help us follow God’s path.

I am the way, the truth and the life. Truth is, by definition, exclusive. So is allegiance. No one can serve two masters. As followers of Christ we have been crucified to the world. But we have also been raised to new life. We have been rescued from darkness and given the light. That light guides us as we now seek to lead others into the light.

If you are following Christ then who is following you?

End of article.


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