The Chase

I learned a lesson a few months ago which came during a group meeting with some other Christian men. We were talking about the things we value and what we spend our lives chasing after. As I was sharing my opinions about this and listening to the opinions of others, I came to see that the things I chase after are simply a result of whatever it is I have put the most value on in my life. If work is what I value most then I will most likely chase recognition for my gifts and abilities, or the recognition of being known as someone who can get things done. If family is what I value most then perhaps I will chase after that trophy that says “#1 Husband” so that I can show it off to all my friends and colleagues. But as I sat in the group on that night, I began asking myself what is it that I am currently holding in my heart as valuable and worthy of chasing after? Much like a man in a desert can be fooled into seeing an oasis of water and chase after a mirage, I too can find myself valuing and chasing after those things that are temporary mirages which hold no eternal significance or value whatsoever.

As I continue to mature in my faith, I often find myself reflecting on how much time I spend chasing after the things of God. Does my daily life reflect the value that I say I put on my relationship with Him? Do I long for those times of intimate prayer with my Father, even when I feel like my prayers never rise above my forehead? Do I look forward to the times when I can worship the Son of God simply because He is worthy of my worship as my Lord? Do I find strength and enjoyment in reading His Word, or would I much rather grab the latest novel or the newest title from a famous author? I think for many of us we find great enjoyment and fulfillment when we reach whatever goals we have set for ourselves. Once those goals are met, we can then proudly show off whatever trophy it is that we have won for all of our hard work. But perhaps the greatest fulfillment is found when we embark on the greatest chase – the one where we value the things of God. As we chase after those times of personal prayer, worship and study, I believe we will begin to value them more and more. It is then that our lives will reflect Christ in ways that others will be unable to ignore. In Jeremiah 29:13 it says,

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

These are not just some empty words from the local cashier at the corner store, but rather this is a powerful promise from God that holds true for you and me today. As we move forward in our families, work and ministries may we continue to chase after those things that have eternal value. Let go of whatever mirages exist in your life and chase well. Because much like a reflection can be seen in the water, your life is a reflection of what you chase after and value.

End of article.


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