Triumphing Over Sin

I wanted to share with you what I felt the Lord speak to me in one of my quiet times last week. While praying I felt that the Lord was leading me to read Daniel 8:1-7. As I was reading these verses I felt that I saw the story in a new perspective.

Note: I do understand that the perspective I am about to share is not the original intent of the Scripture, but I do feel that the following analogy has reminded me of how He triumphs over sin.

The perspective is this:

Verses 3-4
I felt that the ram being talked about represented sin. As described in verse 4 “I saw the ram was butting westward, northward, and southward. No animal was able to stand before it, and there was none who could deliver from its power. It did as it pleased and it acted arrogantly.” How many times have I felt, or any of us felt, that sin seems to be everywhere, surrounds us at every turn and does as it pleases? How many times have we felt that we were stuck, hopeless or resigned to a life of sinful repetitions?

Verses 5-7
In verse 5 we read that “a male goat was coming from the west over the surface of all the land without touching the ground” and in verses 6-7 it says “I saw it approaching the ram. It went into a fit of rage against the ram and struck it and broke off its two horns. The ram had no ability to resist it. The goat hurled the ram to the ground and trampled it. No one could deliver the ram from its power.”

I instantly felt that the goat represented the power of God. A power that is so strong and so righteous that it violently deals with sin when confronting it. Sin, while appearing powerful, is nothing against the power of our God. Sin has no power over us when we use the power we have in His word and through the Holy Spirit that is within us. I know that it may seem that sin has free reign, yet, our God is greater and when we live in right relationship with Him, using the tools He gives us (Ephesians 6), we can literally be a part of doing the impossible. Be encouraged!

End of article.


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