Walking Alongside

We have all heard the story of the ‘Prodigal Son’. We all know how there was a young man who demanded his inheritance, received it, squandered it, and then returned home filthy, humble, and desperate. Many of us may feel a sense of personal connection in reading how the son was welcomed back and given the best of all that his father had. Yet, have any of us ever asked ourselves if we ever acted like the older son? Have we at one time been overcome by emotions of anger, self-righteousness, or pride? Have any of us ever thought to ourselves that we deserve something more than someone else? I know I have before, and I have met others who have as well. It is sad but true. It is also sad that when faced with sinners who repent that some of us instead of living out Luke 15:10, we tend to act more like the oldest son in the story of the ‘Prodigal Son’.

Why do I write about this? Because there are times when we meet men or women who tend to look at men in red-light districts with one view, and it is the view that usually says “stay at a distance” or “there is no hope”. I will always believe that there is the possibility that today, tomorrow and everyday after is a day that another son comes trudging home, tired and overwhelmed by the burden of their choices. I can clearly envision that as He scans the horizon a smile crosses His face as He sees someone else walking His way. It is my desire that when He sees that man walking towards Him that He sees me come alongside helping him walk the last few feet to a new life. One day there will be a man who needs someone to walk with him and I hope to be able to join him. Will you walk with us?

End of article.


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