We Before Me

We live in a time where “me” often comes before “we”. I have learned that when I look at people with a “me” perspective, my relationships with them are often shallow and short-term. However, when I look at relationships with a “we” perspective, then I find myself developing the kind of friendships and close-knit relationships that have deep roots that can weather the strongest of storms and the most trying of times. But how do I move from a perspective and lifestyle of “me” to “we”? I have found that one of the main requirements is for me to stop looking around for people who “owe” me and instead look for opportunities to extend to others the many blessings I have received beyond measure. In all honesty, that can be hard to do in certain situations.

At different seasons of my life, I have needed love, grace, mercy, kindness, forgiveness and compassion and I am thankful for the many people who extended these necessary and life-giving godly virtues to me. I have found that extending these same virtues to others is easy, especially when that person meets my own expectations and does everything I want them to do. The question is, am I able or even willing, to extend these virtues that I so desperately need in my own life to those who don’t quite measure up to my standards, or who even disappoint or hurt me? I believe that is the real test. There will be times, and you may even be experiencing such a time right now as you react in your own strength by withholding the love, grace, mercy, kindness, forgiveness and compassion that others may need. It is in times such as this that we must turn from “me” to “we” and trust God to help us make that shift. I believe that we can actually have a sense of joy when we move away from a perspective and lifestyle of feeling that someone “owes us” because we have been touched by the power of God. It is His love that will compel us to give to others that which He freely gives us daily.

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