What’s My Source?

One question that we have all probably asked ourselves is “Who Am I”? It is a good question and one that may be hard to answer for some. But I think for others some of our initial responses may be “I am a construction worker”, or “I am an accountant” or whatever else you would fill in the blank with. But answering the question with one of the responses above does not answer the question. It merely informs others of what you do. If I ask myself the question, I would respond with “I am His”. Short, simple and pin-point accurate. Yet, for myself it has been quite a journey to get to this answer. The road has been long and it has sometimes been difficult. I used to assume that who I am was based upon what I do, or what others thought of me, or what I accomplished on any given work day. It was a vicious cycle to be in.

Why do I mention about identity? Because if I do not know who I am then how can I tell men who they have the potential to become? It is vitally important for us to know where our true value comes from. If we do not know where our identity source comes from then we will look for any alternative – and that is the point where I have met many men. I see some men wanting the same things that you and I have; value, love, intimacy. I see the hunger for identity among some and the false identity that others hold on to. For those who do not know Him, the identity they seek is just waiting to be given to them. May my life be an example of what they can receive and of whom they can become.

End of article.


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