Who Knows Best?

Within Bangkok there are various red-light districts to suit the ‘taste’ of various clientele. However, I think that most people would agree that Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong would be three of the more famous red-light districts within the city. For us, we tend to try to engage men in conversation in either Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy, but not really in Patpong. We had found during past nights there that it can be quite difficult to see or talk to men who are either by themselves or who are not there for the numerous souvenirs that are for sale. Was this decision ever made because we had spent time praying and seeking His will – no. Rather, the decision was always based upon what we observed which was numerous men, with their wives or girlfriends, preoccupied with getting the best price for the latest gadget, biggest watch or hottest fashion.

However, last week there was a night of change in store. We headed downtown to our prayer center where we got settled in and prayed about where to go. Were we going to feel led to go out to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy tonight? The one place that came to mind was neither Nana Plaza nor Soi Cowboy but Patpong. What? Patpong? We haven’t been down there for ages. We rarely go to Patpong. These were just some of the thoughts that were going through my mind. But, off to Patpong we go not really knowing what to expect outside of tourists flocking to the night market.

We arrive and stand at our first location and soon realize that much won’t be happening in this particular spot. We then walk to the other end of Patpong and settle on standing next to a collection of brightly colored luggage bags and handbags for sale. The first man walks by, ignores us and continues on. Another man follows suit. Another man walks by, says no and continues on. But, he comes back a few minutes later and thus begins our conversation with him. A man who is no stranger to the area, not because he frequents it but rather because he lives in the area. A man who was disgusted by what he sees but pleasantly surprised by who he encountered. A man who may have been the exact reason why we were led to an area that we have haven’t visited in quite some time.

As I sat in the taxi on the way home that evening I prayed that he would call us back so that we can talk further about our lives and personal stories. I also thought that He knows best even when it comes down to which area to visit, which corner to stand on and which man to talk to and this night was no exception.

End of article.


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